Medical Surgical Unit 
The Medical Surgical Unit has 21 private rooms and is designed to care for patients with medical and/or surgical needs. Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Nursing Assistants develop a plan of care for specific patient needs in collaboration with the patient and primary care provider.
Patients who require telemetry (heart monitoring but not intensive care) are also cared for by the Medical-Surgical Unit nursing staff. 
Ohio County Hospital is pleased to announce that we have begun renovating in- patient rooms in the first phase of a major remodeling plan. Enhancements in both functionality and appearance of the rooms include:
  • Hospital beds that are now computerized complete care systems that weigh patients while they sleep; supply continuous low pressure through the mattress to reduce the risk of skin ulcers; and provide more beneficial patient positioning with the touch of a button, decreasing the need for staff to tug, lift and strain.
  • Handicap-accessible design that meets the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines for patient use and visitors’ convenience.
  • Wood Wardrobe Closets and Corner Shelves provide a home-like atmosphere with space for cards, flowers and gifts.
  • Flat screen TVs and cable television channels are available for entertainment.
  • Dry-Erase Boards are provided for easier staff-patient-family communication.
  • New guest chairs that provide more comfort for families and visitors.
  • New window treatments and blinds provide a homelike atmosphere with special light-blocking allowing privacy and a better sleep environment.
  • Our easy-access lighting enhances patient comfort and improves staff efficiency.
  • Our new décor includes Corian countertops and an appealing new color scheme.
For more information, please contact Assistant Director of Nursing, Charlotte Hendricks, RN, at (270) 298-5465.