Bring the Best Back Home Opportunities Available

Volunteer Program
This program will provide an opportunity for students to volunteer in Hospital areas/departments of need. While providing community service, students will gain specific knowledge of the Hospital, as well as general knowledge of healthcare services and operations. This can be useful in helping secure acceptance to the desired field of study.

Work Experience Program
This program offers a unique opportunity for students to work in the hospital environment while studying for a career in healthcare. The Hospital will provide employment during the summer months; weekend and/or holidays for select students enrolled in Program. The positions will be paid at minimum wage or at the entry-level pay scale for the specific job classification.

Student Extern Program
This program will provide support for students in their final year of a program of study in a health care area. This requires approval of the academic institution. This program is primarily designed to assist the student with gaining needed clinical learning experiences. Consequently, the program will normally not be compensated. Students that have been approved for the Bring the Best Back Home Program will receive preferential placement, and may be considered for compensation on a case-by-case basis. Students involved in the extern program may also receive other assistance through the Program

**Tuition Forgiveness**
This program will provide tuition forgiveness or repayment to approved students that have completed a degree in a healthcare profession of need, and are desirous to pursue employment with Ohio County Hospital. Reimbursement will be tied to a specific commitment of service.

**Tuition Loan /Assistance**
The Hospital will pay for educational expenses (tuition and books only) for approved students who are enrolled in a healthcare profession of need. Although the student will be obligated to employment with the hospital following completion of their education, there is no guaranteed job placement with the Hospital. In the event that no position is available or if the student declines an offer of employment, the student will be expected to pay back monies advanced, together with interest.

**Education Loan Assistance**
This program will be for approved students that have been accepted in a program of study in a healthcare profession of need. Students will be required to complete a loan application with the Hospital and the Bank of Ohio County. This will include providing financial information and an agreement to commit to future employment with the Hospital. The student may request loan monies to cover educational and living expenses. While the student is actively enrolled in the program of study, the Hospital will pay all interest on the loans. Following completion of the program of study, the Hospital guarantees a permanent employment position with the Hospital. Provided the student accepts the permanent position, the Hospital will pay off the principal amount of the loans over time (up to 3 years). A maximum loan amount will be established at the beginning of the program of study. Any student declining the employment offer will be obligated to pay the interest paid back to the Hospital, as well as a penalty for failure to complete the commitment. In addition, the student will be obligated to make arrangements with the Bank of Ohio County to pay back the full value of the loan, and any interest that may be assessed following the declining of the employment offer.

**Programs are available to Students that have applied and been approved for educational assistance and has agreed to a commitment of employment with Ohio County Hospital.**

To obtain an application click the link below and print:
Bring the Best Back Home Application